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Thread: Goodbye Alizee Forums!

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    Alizée Interested
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    6th Sep 2004
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    Default Goodbye Alizee Forums!

    Thanks for all the memories from when I first discovered the 'lolita' while learning French. I really appreciate all of the work that went into creating a place for Alizee fans to meet and interact. It was a great ride with great people that I'll never forget!
    J'ai Pas Vingt Ans - J'ai Trente Ans

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    Album Alizée marzo 2010 sidux's Avatar
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    5th Sep 2007
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    Thanks !!!!!!

    Gracias Totales

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    Le dernier souffle FanPage Staff
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    27th Mar 2008
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    I have to admit I stopped posting here months ago, less because of my lack of interest in Alizée (my love for her will never die) but because of the lack of activity on here.

    Even if I joined the forum quite late in 2008 - not during the golden times of MCE - I met a lot of nice people here and enjoyed the conversations so much. I loved spending time on here, I loved talking to the German fans and later also to fans from abroad. Let's be honest, during my training (for my job) I spend nearly 3 years away from my family and for the first 2 years there I didn't really have friends, so AF became a kind of happy place for me, I was always excited to read the replies, to watch new videos, to talk to other people who adore Alizée as much as I do. I didn't feel so lonely - being someone in your early 20s who's not good in making new friends and far away from home who sometimes cries too much.

    I've met many nice people on here and while I also lost contact to a lot of them because they just left the forum or stopped being interested in Alizée - some are still around and I'm still in contact with them and we're still good friends, some I might not talk to often but I would totally go to a concert with them (if Alizée will ever take part of the Enfoirés concerts again) and one of the girls I got to know here is one of the most amazing people I have ever met and I'm just so happy that I know her and that I can call her my friend. I will forever be grateful that I could made these friendships - thanks to Alizée and this place.

    I had a lot of great trips to France with some of the fans here, I wouldn't have travelled anywhere if I wouldn't have come to this place. For real - all the trips to France or other countries I did on my own were somehow connected to Alizée - either because of the Enfoirés concerts or because I visited friends I met because of her.

    I had a great time at the Enfoirés concerts, I even met Alizée in person nearly 4 years ago, a dream I had for 10 years that finally came true. It was the happiest day of my life.

    Yeah, AF may have died months ago but I will always remember it as a place that was very important to me, just as important Alizée was and still is. I will forever be grateful for this forum.

    I wish it would have ended differently but yeah... all good things have come to an end on day.
    Alizée & Les Enfoirés - 2010 - 2011 - 2012 - 2013 (videos here)
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    "No story lives unless someone wants to listen... the stories we love the best do live in us forever.
    So, whether you come back by page or by big screen - Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home" - J. K. Rowling

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    AceTone's Avatar
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    11th Nov 2007
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    Well. It has been 4 years to the month since I became missing in action because of things that popped up. In the meantime, I would occasionally YouTube Alizee. But a few months ago I got myself to finally look this forum up (and AlizeeAmerica) and try to do a quick catch up, with the members as well. Only to see that it was mostly deserted. That feeling to see that is really difficult to describe. A place where I would often frequent and always keep up with how much was going on, even before making an account. I remember when I did as well. Cannot believe that was 10 years ago. Spent so much time here. Visited so often; enough times that I still remembered the password signing in right now after not for the longest time. Enjoyed every bit of it. The new concerts, performances, or even arguments between us.

    Now here I am, what I thought would be a quick visit, only to see that the forum is ending. All those memories seem to be rushing through my mind and will continue to do so. It was a great forum and a great experience. While it is sad to see it go, at one point it just has to.

    However, I hope everyone is doing well otherwise. I would start naming those that I know (such as you Jenny) but I'm afraid I may forget someone.

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    Toc De Mac Alizée Fan FanPage Staff
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    8th May 2006
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    There has been some good times on the forums as well as some bad ones. However I have made a lot of friends here nearly all of them I hardly speak to these days . But I do still think of them. This was a great haven when I first discovered Alizee and I was accepted with open arms and I spent way too much time here in my student days!

    Will the last person turn off the light please!
    C'est pas ma faute j'aime Alizée

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    The Last One Standing Señor Villa's Avatar
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    19th Oct 2005
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    I have not been on AF for two years, this was the best Alizée Forum on the planet not only because of Alizée but because of a tight knit family we had. I will miss all you on here, I would personally say Goodbye to every individual that I knew here, but the post would be too long Good bye my friends!

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    Alizée, c'est l'odyssée Ridingthewave's Avatar
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    7th Sep 2007
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    I thought this forum dedicated so much to Alizée would be here forever! I'm counting down the days now too though but I will never forget all you guys and gals. I always felt blest to be part of this community and loved you in some way too.

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