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Donations... read first post for total costs

It would be a great help if any of the members here would contribute just a few dollars a month. I simply donated 5EURO yesterday and hope that we can all pitch-in a few bucks to keep the cost down for members that donate monthly.

The concerts are supposedly on their way, and it would be a travesty for this forum to be down. We need this one extra push of energy and enthusiasm, and create a new vibe on this forum. We can revamp it to include new forum pages and discussion areas, or alter the ones we have now in a way that gives it a sort of rebirth into a new era. We can do anything.

If we have 1 member here, then this person would donate $100 to keep forum alive (for example) BUT if we have 100 members here then each member would donate 1 or 2 dollars only.

We need to know how many members are willing to donate on a monthly basis. . . if even for just a few months to keep this forum going for the concert stages.

PLEASE state here if you are willing to do so, so that I can count how many members we have donating, and we can then split the payment down . . the more people get on board, the less we have to donate!

Please think about it.

After all is said and done, I will personally let you guys know how much I will be donating a month. We just need to get organized a bit. It's how my brain works.

Thank you guys so much for at least considering this.

Stay true and stay happy.