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Thread: Blonde Album Reviews

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    Default Blonde Album Reviews

    Got Alizée's Blonde CD Friday and after a couple of listens this is my opinion:

    1. Blonde: 8/10 This song grew on me after hearing the single when it was released.
    2. K.O.: 5/10 Repetitive and boring down for the count.
    3. Alcaline: 9/10 The best track on the album. Strong vocals, beat, and lyrics.
    4. Seulement Pour Te Plaire: 8/10 Nice track, this song would be better adding Dub-Step.
    5. L'amour Renfort: 6/10 OK dance song nothing special
    6. Bi: 5/10 Too Sugary Sweet
    7. Mon Planeur: 7/10 Finally a mature Alizée track on the album
    8. Ce Qui Tue L'Amour: 8/10 Nice club song
    9: Tweet: 3/10 Awful song, trying to sound like the 50's
    10: Charles Est Stone: 8/10 Reminds me of Danse Avec les Stars which is a good thing
    11: Mylène Farmer: 7/10 Mysterious song
    12: Plus de bye-bye: 4/10 This song should go "bye-bye"

    Overall, there are a few good tracks not a strong album imo, 4 songs under 3 minutes. I believe Alizée should have waited longer a put a better album. This will be short lived which is sad. I wanted more and I did not feel that in Blonde

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    Well well...I think this album is not so bad It's about 8/10
    It has a different style than the others, so Blonde is also unique and enjoyable.

    About the tracks...
    1. Blonde 10/10
    This is one of my favourite singles from Alizée, and one of my favourites songs from this album. I still don't understand why people "hated" this song so much. It's energetic, fun and catchy.
    2. K.O. 10/10
    I think this should have released as 2nd single from the album, I adore it! I like its lyrics too.
    3. Alcaline 7/10
    Well... I don't know what to say about this song, because I liked it until I listened to the other songs from the album. Now I'm angry, because there would be better songs as a single, instead of this. But I like the lyrics.
    4. Seulement pour te plaire 7/10
    I like this song too, but this is not my favourite.
    5. L'amour renfort 10/10
    Love at first listening! Ouuuuuh c'est l'amour, c'est l'amour encore! A song about love, but finally not in the bad way. It's not about the pain and the other boring stuff... I like it's sounding, reminds me of the music in the 80's ...This would be also a great single, I mean, I would be the happiest person on the world if I could hear it in the radios
    6. Bi 6/10
    It's not a bad song but I can't really like it because of its theme. Like Alizée said in an interview, it would be the real tolerance if we shouldn't talk about this all the time.
    7. Mon planeur 9/10
    One of her best ballade-type songs! It reminds me of Tal's "A l'infini" album.
    8. C'est qui tue l'amour 8/10
    Like Señor Villa said: nice club song, I like it very much.
    9. Tweet 7/10
    It's a cute song, retro, 80's and funny.
    10. Charles est stone 7/10
    I don't like its title, but it's also a great party song
    11. Mylene Farmer 8/10
    Well well.... To be honest, when someone uploaded a small review from this song on Youtube, I didn't like it at all. Moreover, when I first listened to the full song, I still didn't like it. Then... something happened, and it catched me! Very much. I think they would be very stupid if didn't release this as a single.
    12. Plus de bye bye 6/10
    I like the parts before and after the refrain but I don't like it's ending, when she talks. But it's a nice song.

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    Le dernier souffle FanPage Staff
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    I love the album! But I have to admit I had to listen to it twice, when I finished the album for the first time I was a bit disappointed and thought I would like "5" more because Blonde was a tad too mainstream for my taste but then I closed my eyes and listened to it again and now I love it.

    Ok here's what I think about the songs, I will just stick to the amazon 5 star system...

    1. Blonde ?? I was addicted to Blonde when it was released as a single and I still am. So - 5/5

    2. K.-O. - I love it! It's one of my favourites, I especially love the chorus and I would love if they would release it as the 3rd single but I don't think it's the greatest material for another single. If they'll release another one maybe it's going to be Mylene Farmer because people are talking about it? Dunno. 5/5

    3. Alcaline - Loved that one too right from the beginning. 5/5

    4. Seulement pour te plaire ?? It's nice. I'm sure the lyrics are really beautiful - I didn't took the time to translate them yet - but it's simply too slow for me. It's more like a filler.. 3,5/5

    5. L'amour renfort ?? My new ringtone Love it. Maybe because it's just another catchy tune. "Blonde" is full of catchy tunes. 5/5

    6. Bi ?? Never fails to cheer me up. Top. 5/5

    7. Mon planeur ?? Slow, melancholic, kinda dreamy. Simply beautiful. 4,5/5

    8. Ce qui tue l'amour ?? Another tune you can't get out of your head. 5/5

    9. Tweet ?? I didn't like it so very much at the first time. I'm not the biggest fan of the beginning, it sounds a bit odd, but now I'm used too it. Now I like it a lot. 4,5/5

    10. Charles est stone ?? Another catchy song. In a kind of unexpected way. You just want to start to dance to it. 4,5/5

    11. Mylene Farmer ?? Well well well... I don't know why so many people are over the moon because of this song. It's ok yet. There's something about this song, ok. But I personally don't really enjoy it. Well luckily we all like different things. 3,25/5

    12. Plus de bye-bye - It also took me a while to be ok with this song. There's something about it I didn't like very much when I listened to it for the first time and even if I enjoy it a lot more now, I'm not 100 % happy with this song. I don't know what it is. Maybe it's the "bye bye" chorus. Maybe it's like she's talking over the song at the end of it. I don't like that bit so much - which is weird because she did the same at UEDS and there I liked it. But apart from that it's a nice song. And it's so obviously dedicated to Grégoire - that makes it even more special. 4/5
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    (not really but too lazy to write now)

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    Quote Originally Posted by RMJ View Post

    (not really but too lazy to write now)
    now c'mon lets have some parliamentary procedure here.

    Quote Originally Posted by Señor Villa View Post
    2. K.O.: 5/10 Repetitive and boring down for the count.
    You sure about that chief??? I think it still has some pizazz!


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    1. Blonde: 8/10
    I really disliked it at the beginning, but after listened to it several times it grew on me and now it is my favourite song of the album.

    2. K.O.: 6/10
    Good song but nothing too special about it.

    3. Alcaline: 6/10
    I like this song but I think it is not good enough for releasing it as a single.

    4. Seulement Pour Te Plaire: 6/10
    The background voice distracts me.

    5. L'amour Renfort: 7/10
    Nice catchy song, it makes me start singing every time I listen to it.

    6. Bi: 7/10
    Let's dance!

    7. Mon Planeur: 7/10
    Beautiful ballad.

    8. Ce Qui Tue L'Amour: 5/10
    I don't quite like the chorus. Otherwise I would have liked it a lot.

    9: Tweet: 8/10
    My second favourite song of the album.

    10: Charles Est Stone: 4/10
    The same as in "Ce Qui Tue L'Amour".

    11: Mylène Farmer: 7/10
    At the beginning I didn't like it that much, but after some time I started enjoying it, probably because it reminds me the song "Gourmandises" (the background voice singing "tu-tu-tu-turu").

    12: Plus de bye-bye: 7/10
    Nice song, I like how her voice sounds here.

    Average: 6.5/10
    Good album, however I think there is a lack of really good songs that would have made this album a success.

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