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Thread: Message on behalf of Alizée Forum,! to all members

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    Default Message on behalf of Alizée Forum,! to all members

    Our members are the best!

    You people keep us alive and kicking!

    If I ever did anything to anger some of you. . . or maybe I gave an infraction and you did not agree, know that since the uprising of a couple years ago, I have been with, for, and of this forum. I see beyond what others may suspect . . . I see the greatness in you who cherish Lili and respect her. You are as my brothers and sisters. . . he or she amoung you that has loyalty and respect for Lili . . . . I have respect and loyalty to you!!!

    AS for the rest of you who are here for a limited amount of time, know that you are welcome here and important here . . . . that you are part of a a community. . . that you have my respect and loyalty, too! If I ever do something that angers you or offends you PLEASE PM me. and let me know. I shall be the last person that back stabs you. WHY!? Because I have been here since 2000. . . I am as I was . . . . and will always be Loyal to Lili.

    I LOVE the fans because they give to Lili what she least suspects. . . . KNOW that you who are here that follow her and adore her, and that go to her meetings, etc., YOU are representing those that do not have the op to go! We are brothers and sisters and THAT ios something that cannot be easily explained!!! Just knwoi that Orion understands . . and Orion cares. . . .I REALLY DO. I have been here sine 2003, and with Lili since 2000. . .and with you since my first post.

    Respect each other . . . . have faith in each other . . . . If yo EVER have any problems or whatever, PM me, or another mod, and we will be happy to assist. I don`t care who you are . . . if you hate me or despise me, etc. . . . I am here for YOU!

    Peace and health to you and your family! . . . . . . . always!

    Be good and be just ... . . and if anything Lili does that may offends you has a negative effect on you, etc. . .. talk about it. . . and be good and free.

    Lastly I thank all the fans that share images and videos. . . . and that have the op to go to all her events. . . . . THANK YOU!

    Just remember . . . that if something you read on thsi forum gets to you in the wrong way, . . . . be free and KNOW that it is nothing personal . . .that you are all brothers and sisters.. .. .

    and that if there is anything that ever bothers you, PLEASE let me know . . . . I am you and you are me!

    Do NOT Forget that you guys are teh BEST fans . . . . . . . . EVER. I see and read some of the things you guys say and it gives me great pleasure! YOU are my brothers and sisters!

    Be fair and just to each other!. . . do not let awkwardness and misaligned madness and conspiracy dictate how you should act against your fellow community members!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Be free, and be just . . . . . . . and be happy. . .do not take things literally or negatively or negatively. . . nobody hates you . . . . and nobody wants to see you alter . . . NOT while I am on watch!

    You guys and gals are the best . . . . . . . PERIOD!

    PLEASE keep this in mind when you feel wrongly done.

    KNOW that I am true and for YOU!

    PLEASE be kind and courteous!. . .think of what it means to be of great stature. . . of great loyalty !

    Be good!. . . If ant problems, then before you argue and fight SPEAK TO ME!

    Let me not forget to say how YOU are the BEST fans EVER . . . . Lili Bows to you! If not, then she does not deserve you.

    Last edited by Orion; 7th May 2013 at 04:43.

    NO FUTURE__Earth Song__NO END

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    Amélie's Fed Up in Autumn lapinschous's Avatar
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    You're one of the greatest moderator I've ever known Orion

    Thanks for keeping the forum neat and tidy!
    "Les baisers d'Alizée sont de vraies gourmandises..." and her smile is made of pure beauty, magic and faith in humanity...

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    your awesome orion. I hope we always will keep intouch

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    Alizée Fan yingying's Avatar
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    14th Nov 2005
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    great orion

    in the later years ,u always here ,share your joy with us

    u r the greatest fan of alizee-forum

    good fortune stay along with you in the future

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    Super Alizée Fan robertrhein's Avatar
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    Your words of wisdom always amaze me Orion. But as for me, you know I deserved that infraction I had over that misunderstanding with Batman. The lessons of positivity that Lili has taught me have been difficult to learn. And you know how cynical I can still get. I feel I have improved over the last three years of having sweet Alizée in my life. However, notwithstanding, I feel I do have much more to learn. And you know I am forever grateful for how Alizée has changed my life. And lapinshous, even as I am in disagreement with your current endeavor, please understand, I still consider you to be a good Alizée friend to me. And I have been making every attempt to handle my disagreement with you with tact, gently. Because like Orion said it, we are all part of The Alizée Family here. And even though brothers can often disagree, they are still brothers.
    Last edited by robertrhein; 9th July 2013 at 04:47.

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    29th Sep 2012
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    Orion you're a better man than me. You're a good guy and don't change the way you do your job on this board.

    I'm here almost every day, I just don't log in much.

    This is what I posted to the members of a board I'm a mod on around New Years.

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    Alizée Fan LiNk6Mx's Avatar
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    6th Nov 2010
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    Hello everyone! Orion, thanks! Just read your message for first time. It great Youre awesome and I'm with you. And lol, you've never me mad

    From that silly thread about little Romanian girls

    "This is what I said about forums a LOOOOONG time ago: that there are fans of different mindset and caliber, too, with different thoughts and feelings, and emotions. This thing to revive a lolita, etc etc etc, is nothing more than a little anecdote for future forum members to hear about for amusement, as far as I am concerned. These are just forum things . . member things . . FAN things. If you miss Lolita, etc., then some will ask was it about Lili to begin with! Since you are looking for another one! For many fans it was all about lolita and hormones, and with that came some admiration, and then some respect, and lots of forum contributions, and fan meets etc etc etc etc etc. . . and on the other side, is simply this girl that got the 1 in a million shot to become famous and rich. Everybody got what they wanted. . . . Just don;t let all this stuff go to your heads guys and gals. I mean this with sincerity! If you want to find another lolita, by all means, knock yourselves out, get it through your system. Just don;t forget that Lili got thaqt one in a million shot, but more than that, she was 1 in a million to begin with. you won't find "pop stars" like her. God help that poor girl that gets sucked into the pop business and fame, and lets it all go to their head like Cyrus, or Britney, et al. One look towards Lili and you will see that you have never been looking at a "lolita." This talk about a "new Alizée" just makes people think of the shallowness and emptiness and worth of fan admiration, for 99.9 percent of it is dependant upon image and want and even hormones."-- Orion the mediator!
    Last edited by LiNk6Mx; 21st November 2013 at 06:58.

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