Alizée ist im und auf dem Cover vom Inked Magazin France

Das Magazin kam am 27.Dezember heraus.



Ein Bild das Alizée auf Instagram veröffentlicht hatte und damit bestätigte: "Le 27 décembre , retrouvez moi en couverture du magazine "Inked". Photos exclusives ! "

ein paar weiter Fotos von ihrem Instagram:

HQ Scans vom Magazin von Alizée-Italia, ist aber eine PDF Datei:

Hier von Ronny sind alle Seiten mit Alizée: hat die digitale Version des Magazins:

Ein Mitglied von AlizéeAmerica hat das Interview ins Englische übersetzt:

Twelve years! Already twelve years ago that Alizée has landed on our airwaves with his tube unstoppable me...Lolita. This hit a squatting the Charter around the world told us his adventures and his lack of understanding to those who, as soon as she gave his tongue to cat is cast on it. "But above all, Alizée was considered to be the forerunner of these stamped countless young singers ' pop Lolitas" who arrived en masse in the early 2000s. In 2013, the conclusion is clear: most of these singers are either fallout in the dungeons of the song, or desperately trying to resurface by all means. And Alizée, as Connor MacLeod, is still active, has toured el is a fifth album. Sacred journey for this beautiful Corsica reserved temperament that is completely on its side "little girl in an adult body" '
But several questions remain: How can we explain this artistic continuity without faults? This absolute fidelity to it with his (very) many fans? This particularly broad musical palette that says albums in albums? And above all, who really is Alizee? Who can boast to know this now mother fulfilled? Baby not many people in the end. Therefore, digging into his history and his past that we discover a rich and rather surprising personality. And it's even more digging that detected one of his great passions: the tattoo! If reading this sentence, bad languages are already in motion to affirm that the beautiful fact that surf the wave of the moment tattoo, that they soon swallow their saliva. «The tattoo is almost a family story says Alizée.» My uncle had a hut in Corsica and an evening, a tattoo artist came a party and my uncles and my father almost went under the needle. From there was born my attraction to this art, and since that day, I always knew that I would tattoo. "And among all these tattoos for an evening, is that of his father, who will mark it: a pattern of Peter Pan. It is to go ego of this Disney character Tinker Bell, namely that his choice will be. A fairy that symbolizes well" my character, that is jealous in love with character but which is still nice. Clearly, a sort of guardian angel.

But by his own admission, this first experience will not remain in the annals. And the next either. The world of tattooing so refuses to open arms? Maybe he was waiting the milestone. And it will come with the birth of her daughter in 2005. The discovery of an artist In Asian blogger, Tokyobahnbao. an exchange of emails and the demand for downstream, a picture of "my daughter sauce manga. The result was beautiful and I went to Tin - Tin to tattoo this ground. "Not only, this tattoo remains today that she is the proud but in addition, it will mark the beginning of a long and faithful cooperation with the inescapable Tin - Tin. In order to "fix" the Act a little lack of the previous representative Tinkerbell tattoo, it is he who will ensure the Act II of this ground. A motif which takes the entire back of the beautiful and permanently embodying his guardian angel. But then again, it was not without difficulty "I think not having as much harm than when this tattoo. To the point that once the session is completed, Tin - Tin had asked to return a month after Ie Finally, I waited six months so it had marked me! "But told not to suffer to be beautiful? Now, is suffering a part old memories and the sequence continues. On his arm, a white snow with an M - 16 to show that "even if people see me as a wise girl, do not rely on this appearance. I have my temperament and can be explosive if it seeks me! "There is also the character of Sailor Moon on his arm, the judge who actually fantasize more than one at the time of the Club Dorothée. And always in the same spirit, Arale (Professor Slump manga character) also decorates his arm just like the cloud of Super Mario.

A childlike, magical and enchanted world in which Alizée is recognized and likes. "I insist on this point, but really, I still feel the soul of a little girl. "Even though I am a mother, that I monitor the duties of my daughter, I scold the etc, I have fun as much if not more than it when I go to Euro Disney. If I had a sentence to summarize this way of life, it reads on his arm: Forever young! A phrase inked on his native island and or, despite what one might imagine, "the tattoo is very common. My brother and most of my cousins and cousins are very tattooed. And above all, young people are making very large pieces and it is perfectly accepted and tolerated." But besides this symbolic dimension, his tattoos have much more unexpected; to be copies by number of fans. "When I was doing my sentence Forever Young, I had posted a picture showing this tattoo." Result, I received hundreds of photos of fans showing me this same tattoo on them! Even when signing sessions, there is always someone who will take this ground of tattooed. I confess that it is both pleasant but strange." All these memories of fans hard-liners, one of them is stays in memory. "A day at a meeting in Paris, an American tourist came up to me and started to remove his t-shirt. All the security guys fell him on it then I calmed things and I asked him what he wanted. And, by removing his shirt, I got a shock! He had been tattooing my portrait on the back! »

With a new album coming out, there is no doubt that Alizée will be other surprises of the same kind at its future meetings of dedications. An album that turns its back on the electro sounds of the past to look to the 60s pop. And the beautiful can boast to have beautiful people among its composers, with notably a former Indochina IBA and guitarist Luke. And as a main influence: France Gall, "an artist j always admired. The wafer is scheduled for February and will be as always accompanied by a box set collecting well-stocked. For the time being, it is the eternal tour media continues and that leaves little time for Alizee to blow a little. And think the main concerned, namely, her daughter, her mom tattoos that are dedicated to him? "My daughter is crazy about my tattoos." I had taken it with me during a meeting at Tin - Tin and she had loved. Since then, she collect all pretty or other tattoos Malabars. I do not know how I will respond if the urge takes in a few years of getting a tattoo. Wish - it just the same beautiful course.