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Thread: Fun TV LIVE chat party! Sun April 5, 1pm PST/4pm EST!

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    Default Fun TV LIVE chat party! Sun April 5, 1pm PST/4pm EST!

    Hey everybody!

    For the past few months, many of the fans from the Alizée America forums have been gathering every couple of weeks on a Ventrilo voice chat server to watch Alizée videos together in real-time, via the magic of the internets. These chat parties are usually recorded and later released in the AAm podcast feed on iTunes as unofficial fan commentary tracks. So far we??ve done En Concert, the T@keo bootleg video of Lili??s second Psychédélices concert in Mexico City from June, as well as Lili??s two appearances on Stars à Domicile.

    They??ve all been a lot of fun so far?so much fun, in fact, that it would be a shame to keep it all to ourselves! We??ve just decided on the date and subject for our next one, and we??d like to invite all the members here at Alizée Forum to come and hang out with us for an afternoon!

    In two weeks, on Sunday April 5, starting at 1pm PST/4pm EST, we??ll be getting together to watch ??Une Heure Avec Alizée?? (aka the Fun TV interview) from June 3, 2003. A favorite in the Alizée fan community, this is easily one of Lili's most candid and relaxed appearances--it's very clear that she's extremely comfortable with Lucas (the off-camera interviewer) and that she's having a really good time. It includes a couple of real laugh-out-loud moments (for Alizée as well!), and she looks absolutely adorable throughout.

    Both parts of the interview are readily available in AAm's video section. Hopefully this will make it easier for more of you to access the video and join in, or simply watch and follow along once it hits the podcast feed.

    > Fun TV Part 1 here (web player)
    > Direct Download (right click to save as)

    > Fun TV Part 2 here (web player)
    > Direct Download (right click to save as)

    (One thing I would strongly recommend, if you are planning to join in...or even if this is just a video you plan to watch more than once...would be to download the video to your PC and watch it in an FLV player, rather than streaming it directly from AAm. My preferred FLV player of choice is (duh!) FLV player--it doesn't have many bells and whistles, but it's simple and easy to use-- but there's plenty of free programs available on the web for either task.)

    "How do I join?" you ask? It's actually pretty easy. All you need is a headset & mic (or just a mic and your computer speakers), and to download the Ventrilo client. Then you configure a few settings (really easy to do), connect to the server, and you're off to the races.

    Click here to read a really easy-to-follow tutorial that Tomtentp wrote up about it, complete with screenshots! Or just watch this YouTube video here!

    The settings for the Vent server that Jung has set up for AAm are as follows:

    Quote Originally Posted by jung_adore_ALIZEE
    Hostname IP:
    Port Number: 3798

    it is up and running
    Once you're in, all you have to do is click on the 'Video Commentary' room to join, and press the left CTRL key to talk!

    Of course, even if you don??t have a mic?or if you??re just too shy to talk?you can still always come out to listen along, and hang out with us in the text chat room that??s also on the server. A lot of our members have taken to doing that, too, and they seem to have just a good a time!

    Also, don??t worry if your English isn??t perfect! Nobody??s going to grade you! We??re a really laid-back bunch of fans who are just happy to have everybody along. (In fact, if you??re looking for an excuse to practice English while shooting the breeze about our favorite subject, this would be a perfect opportunity!)

    Questions? Concerns? Problems setting up or connecting to Vent? Go ahead and ask below!

    Thanks guys! Hope to see everybody there!

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    sounds great lets see^^

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    Would but.....its jungs so i can't im banned from his vent....any others?
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    Quote Originally Posted by icegurulovesalizee View Post
    Would but.....its jungs so i can't im banned from his vent....any others?

    Well now's a good a time as any to make peace in this world . . if they can do it with wars, then we can surely fuckin do it on this forum!

    anyhoo, I was asked to join this a while ago, but my time is not allowing me . . . I will give it some thought for later, if I'm welcome. . .

    NO FUTURE__Earth Song__NO END

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    Default Fun TV LIVE chat party Sun April 5 1pm PST/4pm EST

    i was going to pop up on the sunday, but decided against as i had a bit to do yesterday.

    i will endeavour to get up there later on this year though at some point mate. let me know too if you guys intend on popping down.

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