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Thread: Travelling in and around Paris, Hints and Guidance

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    Default Travelling in and around Paris, Hints and Guidance

    Mod Edit: With many of us heading towards Paris in October and for some, it is the first time, it is only natural some may have concerns about travelling in and around Paris. This thread can be used so that people can post guidance and tips to travelling in and around Paris.

    If you have a question or concern in relation to travelling in Paris, feel free to raise them.

    (edit: direct link to Google map of Grand Rex: you guys can use this to find your bearings from where you are staying, etc)
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    Someone asked about how to get "downtown" from the airport. Here's a little info:
    The question was if it is ok to take the metro/train from the airport with luggage. I said: I think that's fine. That's what I did. However, you can't take the metro. You must take the RER B train from the airport which means you must find the elevator that goes down a level or two (not necessarily obvious) and then take the tram to terminal bla bla. Sorry I don't remember which terminal is which to get to the train. You must buy a ticket for that train to get to Paris. You can use a machine or buy from the person in the booth. Machine is probably easier if you have the coinage. The machines may not work with an American credit card. I can not buy metro tickets, for example, from the machine with a card.

    Once you get to Gare du Nord, get off and then take the métro. You can buy metro tickets from machines or whatever too; however, you should be able to get right off the RER and onto the métro without getting another ticket.

    This site might help :
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