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Thread: Misc Lili questions. Unsure? Post here first!

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    Alizée Newbie
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    24th Jul 2013
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    Are there any other singers except Alizée involved in singing the backing vocals in the albums Gourmandises and MCE?
    Wikipedia mentions that only Alizée is singing all the vocals, but I can clearly hear different voices in some of the songs (eg: Tempête).

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    J'Ai Pas Vingt Ans! MacTavish's Avatar
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    5th Jul 2012
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    what happened to the steel shoe from En Concert?

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    Alizée Newbie .♥.'s Avatar
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    5th Oct 2013
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    Great question... (yeah, I don't know the answer but...) you never know.... you might get lucky... at worst she will have a laugh at the question.

    [for twitter] @mellealizee Qu'est-il arrivé à votre grande chaussure de "En Concert"?

    But these days you'll have much better luck with a shoe pic from the EC video on Instagram....alizeeofficiel. (she 'lives' on Instagram) I would make it a screen cap with the backup dancers draped over the shoe instead of one with Alizee on the shoe.

    Might as well just try it in english that french is from google. AND I would just forget about trying that on her business facebook account, she rarely is there.

    I'm sure, by now, you've realized it was never really a shoe.... If it were JUST a shoe there would have been TWO of them...

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    Alizée, c'est l'odyssée Ridingthewave's Avatar
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    7th Sep 2007
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    Quote Originally Posted by MacTavish View Post
    what happened to the steel shoe from En Concert?
    It's probally being held in storage somewhere.. kinda like The Ark of the Covenant.

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