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Thread: Alizee's Stalingrad!

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    Default Alizee's Stalingrad!

    I found out about Alizée about 15 months ago by accident really. I was looking for one of Madonna's videos on Youtube called La Isla Bonita, saw Alizée's pictures under one of the hits and the rest is history. For me finding out about her was a life changing experience. She has brought more joy into my life in the past year than I've had in the past seven. I still listen to her everyday on my way to and from work. Having found out about her too late to see one of her concerts or performances, I did the next best thing and went to her autograph session in Paris this past December . I flew all the way from Boston to Paris, just to meet her and it's one of the best decisions I made in my life, and I'm looking forward to going to one of her concerts in Mexico. As much as I love her music, if she comes out with a song I don't like, I wont hesitate to tell anyone what I think about it. I wont pull any punches. When her latest album came out, I was very critical of it, but looking back, I now know why. I was comparing it to her first two albums. I thought each of these first two were incredible. I loved 5 songs on each and really enjoyed several of the others. There are very few if any albums by any artist that I can say that about except for some greatest hits albums and I'm no spring chicken so I've heard more than my fair share of cd's . So I was holding her latest cd's up to some very high standards. I would say that her latest cd is just as good as many of the albums put out by numerous other singers I love such as Stevie Nicks, Shania Twain, Jewel, Carly Simon, Lorie, Celine Dione, Faith Hill, Whitney Houston but I think her latest performances are starting to take a turn in a very bad direction.
    I recently posted a thread on Alizée USA using the title I posted here "Alizée's Stalingrad. I stated that Alizée now looks like a housewife and the sound of her music is on a similar level. As surely as the surrounding of the sixth army at Stalingrad was the begining of the end for the German war machine ( the war dragged on for more than 2 more years), so too will Alizée's concert in Moscow mark the begining of the end of her music career. It will not be immediate but a long and painful process. The difference between the two situations is once the German army was surrounded, all hope was lost, but with Alizée there is still hope "if " she makes some changes. She is still just as beautiful and just as talented as ever.. I feel she is just being led in the wrong direction. As you can imagine, this was a topic of hot debate in the AA forum with over 150 posts and 4,000 reads.
    First of all, with the combination of the outfits she's been wearing and her hairdo's she looks like a house wife now. With all the great fashion designers in Paris, where did she go to get some of these dresses she's wearing? Other people's first response to this is that they think I want to see her in some of the skimpy outfits of the past. Nothing could be further from the truth. She looked great in so many other outfits, Everyone of the outfits she wore during her en concert dvd, the outfit in Ella Ella, the outfit she wore with Jennifer when they sang " For Me" on 5/22/2004, all looked great. I'd even rather have her appear in concert in the outfit she wore when she met Jessica in the shoe store in 2003 than what she wore during the moscow concert.
    The second thing is her hairdo. It's not really that bad a hairdo but it makes her look like she's 34 instead of 24.
    Thirdly, the music the band played was terrible, The re-orchestration of her origional music is a awful and will only find fans among her fan base.
    There are a couple of other minor things in addition.
    In some of her other recent appearences there has been so much eye candy added to the act. We don't want to be looking at anyone else. We want to see her. It's so obvious she is just as beautiful as ever. The only other people we want to see on stage are the band and the back up singers. Then even the settings, the background of the stage, goes terribly with what she's wearing. It hurts the eyes just to look at some of these combinations.
    There are some songs that Alizée sings that sound better in the sound studio and should be lip synced on stage. I and I'm sure most of her fans have no problem with her doing this. It's such a common practice nowadays but it seems few performers are willing to admit it.
    All these things are adding up to disaster. These performances only appeal to her fans that think she can do no wrong!
    When she goes down to Mexico, the good people of that country are going to be hoping to hear a lot of her earlier songs sung in much the same way they origionally heard them. They are going to be in for a big disappointment and they are rather passionate about the music they love and I'm afraid they might be all too quick to show their displeasure.
    A lot of people have said they would like to see her dance more, matter of fact who wouldn't, but as much as I'd like to see that myself, I think that probably would be asking a little too much, now that she has a family and probably doesn't have enough time for all the practice it would take so it's sad to say but I don't think we should expect to see much dancing from her.
    I've repeatedly been bringing up these subjects in the Alizée America forum and have been verbally attacked by numerous people who think I hate Alizée. I admit the way I deliver my message on several occasions leaves a lot to be desired but the reason I'm doing this is because I love her music. It would mean the world to me if she keeps her singing career going but I honestly feel she's going in the wrong direction. She doesn't have to go back to material of yesteryear that she wants badly to get away from, but she needs some new leadership and new direction. I cannot sit idly by and see what I for see as her career going down the drain. I hoped that maybe someone in her camp may have noticed my postings and possibly carried the message to her that perhaps changes need to be made. A freind of mine who has similar views said I should try and bring the message to this forum for the chance that it would more likely be noticed and that's why I'm here now.
    I think the concerts in Mexico will be a critical turning point in her career and I hope it's not to late to make some changes before then.
    Thank You for your time.

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    Ici, c'est en Français...

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