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Thread: The purpose of this forum section

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    Default The purpose of this forum section

    This forum was created to have a place to plan meetings, share the experiences of them, or anything at all related to them.

    There will be plenty of meetings in the future, for the concert tour, and for other promotional events Alizée is going to have. This is the right place to talk about them.

    Fear not talk about spontaneous fan meetings that you might have within other fans. It doesn't need to be related to Alizée's official promoting schedule. Fan meetings has always been arranged, and there will be many more in the future. All around the world. Let others to know when and where you are having one. Let others to see and hear what you did in them !

    Do you need help to be able to go to certain concert ? That's excatly what we are here for... to help each other ! So don't afraid to ask help when you need it. Don't let those to stop your chance to see Alizée live. If you are in need of place to stay, or you are unsure how to get to Marseilles, or where ever you are trying to go, go ahead and ask help. Set up meeting in your destination, share the fun.

    Even though, the main language of this sections is English, all the languages are welcomed if one cannot speak English well enough to exchange his/her info.

    Lets get the international fan community united. Lets break the language barriers, the culture barriers, whatever is stopping us to be together. In concert we are all fans, nationality loses it's meaning.

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    Yes! Thank you for trying to promote this idea and help us have a better section that relates to what is probably the most important and urgent needs of the fans. Hopefully this will help people not get lost in the thread sea just when they need clarity and cooperation.

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