In order to make the news section more organized, we??ve decided to make a few changes on how threads should be posted. Hopefully, this will make it easier for everyone to find all the important information they need without having to read through everyone else??s comments. Only threads in the ??Alizée News? section should follow these procedures. So without further ado?

1) The ??Latest Lili Stuff? thread should be used only for very minor news stories that probably should not receive their own threads.
  • The first post in this thread will contain an index of links to each bit of miscellaneous news. As new stories unfold, a new link will be edited into the original post for everyone??s convenience. If you are the thread starter, feel free to do this yourself. If not, contact a moderator so that he may add the new link (you may either use the ??Report Post? button on the post that contains new info, or you may PM an English forum moderator).
  • Periodically, as the ??Latest Lili Stuff? thread grows larger, newer threads will replace it, with thread titles reflecting the time period (ex, ??Latest Lili Stuff ?? Spring 2006?)

2) Each magazine or press article should get its own separate thread, unless it is a very minor press clipping (ex, a magazine mentioning Alizée??s birthday should go in "Latest Lili Stuff").
  • Miscellaneous additions to the same magazine/article should be added to the first post by either the thread starter or a moderator. This includes scans of the article and translations.

3) In all other applicable threads, relevant information that has come in after the first post should be edited into the first post.

4) Thread titles should be as clear and descriptive as possible (they should include things such as the magazine title, dates, the name of the TV show, etc?). Each thread title should also be preceded by a special tag indicating what kind of news it is:
  • [Press]
  • [Rumor]
  • [TV]
  • [CD]
  • [Concert]
  • [Charts]
  • [Misc]
  • etc?
Correct thread title: [Press] Voici, October 17, 2005
Incorrect thread title: OMG!!11 New PICS in VOICI!!!11

Keep in mind that these are all just guidelines for everyone??s ease of use and enjoyment of the news section. It??s probably a lot to take in, so we won??t be giving warnings or anything if you don??t follow these protocols to the letter, unless there appears to be blatant disregard for them. In any case, the moderators will probably doing the bulk of the work, but any help from forum members will be greatly appreciated.