Join us on the official Alizée Forum chat at DALnet #alizee-forum. You can either connect through our Java-based Web Chat, or if you're a more experienced IRC user, you can connect through mIRC or your favorite IRC client.

To connect to the chat room using mIRC:
  • Download mIRC from and install the program
  • At the first options screen, enter your information, username, etc.
  • Go to "servers" and select a DALnet server
    (Currently working ones include, and, ports 6665-7000)
  • Once connected, enter #alizee-forum in the Favorites window, and click "Join"
General instructions for other IRC clients
(Can also be used with the Java chat if you are experiencing any errors)
  • After starting your program, type the following and press enter:
  • After connecting, enter:
    /join #alizee-forum
  • To change your name at anytime use the following command, with "screenname" as your desired nick:
    /nick screenname
As the official chat room for the forum, the principle rules of the forum will apply. Of course, those rules that are forum-specific don't apply (such as double-posting, starting a thread, etc.). In a nutshell, these are the basic rules of the chat room:
  • Don’t spam – excessive messaging can cause disconnects.
  • Respect other chatters and respect Alizée.
  • Listen to Ops (designated by the @ symbol) – they’re there to help you should you need it, but will also warn you if you’re doing something wrong, and may ban you if you refuse to stop.
  • This is an English language chat room. We have members from many different countries, but this is the most common language between them.
All in all, #alizee-forum is a place to have fun chatting with fellow Alizée fans in a positive atmosphere. If you need a quick answer to a question or you just want to talk, don't hesitate to stop by.