Alizée Forum (officially closed 27-May-2017) FAQ

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Welcome to Alizée Forum, the premier international (and multi-lingual) forum dedicated to the French singer, Alizée!

The goal of this forum is to provide a platform for Alizée fans around the world to meet, discuss, and share their enthusiasm for all things Alizée. The forum is open to all fans and those who wish to become fans. Registration and use of the forum is free of charge, and also include access to the Alizée Gallery. Only one account per user allowed.

In order to make your stay here more enjoyable and productive, please read the following rules and regulations before proceeding further. All users will be held responsible for knowing the rules and abiding by them.

Note: This document is subject to updates and additions, so please check back regularly.

Rules and Guidelines for Posting

  1. Post in the appropriate forum. Read the forum's description before posting to ensure that you are posting in the right forum. Posts that are in the wrong section will be moved to the correct one. Posts not written in the forum??s primary language will be deleted or moved.

  2. Do not post duplicate threads. Before posting a new thread, take the time to see if there isn't already a similar one. Use the forum's SEARCH function if necessary. It is often better to use an existing thread than it is to create multiple threads about the same subject. Duplicate threads will be merged or locked.

  3. Stay on-topic. Keep your posts relevant to the thread's subject. A little bit of leeway will be given, but if a discussion begins to veer too far off-topic, it is often better to create a new thread about this other subject. Topics may be split if discussion has gone too far off-topic.

  4. Do not double post. Allow other users the time to reply to your post. If you have something to add to your last post before someone has replied, use the forum's EDIT function. Exceptions will be made if a significant amount of time (at least several hours) has passed without another user replying or if you wish to post more than 15 images in a post.

  5. Do not post copyrighted material. The posting of links to copyrighted audio, video or pirated software (i.e., warez) is prohibited. Exceptions may be made for "sample" material (ex. one or two songs by an artist) or for television/public appearances.

  6. Spam and Quality of Posts. Spam is not permitted. We favor quality posts over quantity. Spam includes, but is not limited to, the following:

    • Pointless or irrelevant posts
    • Posts that contain only smileys/emoticons
    • Bump posts (unnecessary topic resurrection)
    • Posting to increase post-count
    • Chatroom-style discussion
    • Flooding the forum with the same or similar message
    • Disregard of common netiquette (ex, typing in all caps)

    This board is not a chat room. Please try to make only meaningful posts that contribute something more to the discussion than mere signs of agreement or amusement. The IRC Channel and the forum chatbox exist for that type of informal conversation. The forum is for intelligent discussion. How much time, effort, and thought you put into a post shows, and considerate posting improves the forum for everybody.

    This rule is enforced less heavily in the Café Corse.

  7. Respect other users and their opinions. Treat your fellow forum members with courtesy and respect, regardless of their opinions (note that the actions described in Rules 8 and 9 do not constitute a valid opinion), background, post count, etc? The forum is meant to be a fun place where one can discuss things in a civil manner.

  8. Do not flame, troll, or attack other users. Threats, insults, personal attacks, and swearing towards others is strictly forbidden. Trolling, or posting with the intent of creating conflict and provoking others is strictly forbidden. Likewise, retaliation is also forbidden. If another user is harassing you, contact a moderator privately, and that user will be dealt with.

  9. Do not post obscene or offensive remarks/material. Racist, sexist, prejudiced, and other types of hateful remarks will not be tolerated. Excessive cursing is not allowed, nor is the posting of or linking to any pornographic material.

  10. Do not abuse the private messaging system. Do not threaten or harass other users with the forum's private messaging system. Doing so may get your private messaging privileges revoked.

  11. No advertising. Posts which clearly advertise services or products are strictly forbidden. Any blatant advertising will be promptly removed. This includes, but is not limited to money-making scams, ??For Sale?-type posts, and pretty much anything akin to unsolicited e-mail spam. Exceptions will only be made for Alizée-related products and/or websites which do not conflict with the interests of Alizée Forum, the Alizée FanPage or the Alizée Gallery.

  12. Do not share your passwords. It is the responsibility of members to ensure that their forum password remains private. Members are fully responsible for what is posted from their account and cannot bypass infractions/warnings by claiming someone else used their account.

  13. No multiple accounts. Members are only allowed to have one account. Any multiple accounts will be deleted. In addition, any member who knowingly creates multiple accounts will be penalized at the discretion of the moderators.

  14. The Chatbox. The chat-box is a less formal place to converse with friends and fellow members, but flaming and posting offensive material will not be tolerated

  15. Miscellaneous Violations. Moderators reserve the right to exercise their authority when an action has occurred that is not specifically stated by the rules, but is deemed detrimental to the forum and/or its users.

Infractions and Warnings

This forum uses a point system to determine the consequences for rule violations. Users who have broken a rule will receive either a warning or an infraction. Warnings are usually given for minor rule violations and have no point value. However, several warnings for the same violation may result in an infraction. Infractions are given for more severe rule violations (or as stated previously for several minor violations) and are assigned a point value depending on the severity of the violation. The more severe an infraction, the more points it is worth. Accumulating these points will result in fewer privileges and even banishment from the forum.

Please note that warnings and infractions are not up for debate. If you absolutely need clarification of why you received a warning or infraction, contact a moderator privately. Otherwise, harassment of the moderators or bringing up the warning/infraction in public will result in further penalties.

Violations and their point value*
  • Signature size violation (1 point; warnings possible**)
  • Double posts (1 point; warnings possible**)
  • Off-topic posts (1 point; warnings possible**)
  • Posting copyrighted material (2 points; warnings possible**)
  • Spamming (2 points; warnings possible**)
  • Disrespecting other users (3 points)
  • Trolling (4 points)
  • Flaming/attacking/insulting other users (4 points)
  • Posting of obscene/offensive material (3 points; loss of image posting privileges if applicable)
  • Private messaging abuse (5 points; loss of PM privileges)
  • Avatar/Signature/Custom Title content violation (3 points; loss of avatar/signature/custom title privileges)
  • Advertising (9 points)
*These are default point values. We reserve the right to assign different point values depending on the situation.
**At the moderator's discretion, a warning may be given instead of an infraction.

Infraction Levels

  • Infraction Level 0 (0-2 points)
    • No privileges lost
  • Infraction Level 1 (3-5 points)
    • Loss of custom title. 3-day read-only ban*
  • Infraction Level 2 (6 points)
    • Loss of custom title, avatar and signature. 7-day temporary ban*
  • Infraction Level 3 (7 points)
    • Loss of custom title, avatar and signature. 2-week temporary ban*
  • Infraction Level 4 (8 points)
    • Loss of custom title, avatar and signature. 1-month temporary ban*
  • Infraction Level 5 (9+ points)
    • Permanent ban
*Attempting to bypass a temporary ban will result in a permanent ban.

Viewing your warnings and infractions

You can keep track of the warnings and infractions you have received by either clicking on User CP or viewing your profile. There, you will be able to see detailed information about your infractions, including the date of the infraction, when it expires (or if it was reversed), how many points it is worth, and the reason for the infraction. Also note the distinction between warnings (yellow icon) and infractions (red icon). You should see a screen similar to this:

Click to enlarge

Only you and the moderators can see this information; you will not be able to see other people's warnings/infractions.

Avatars, Signatures, and Post Images

Avatars, signatures, and post images may not be used to violate any of the rules covered in Rules and Guidelines for Posting. Their dimensions and file sizes shall not exceed the following:

Dimensions: 160 pixels x 250 pixels
File Size: 400 kb

Dimensions: 600 pixels x 200 pixels
File Size: 750 kb (not a hard limit)
Number of Images Per Signature: 1
Number of Characters Per Signature: 400

Post Images
Dimensions: 800 pixels x 1200 pixels per image
File Size: No size limit, but keep it reasonable or link to larger images
Number of Images Per Post: 15

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