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Melle Katherine

Tattoo plans: Alizée and/or Sailor Moon

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I tried to make some draws about my plans.
I want a tattoo on my back, but I haven't decide yet what I want exactly... Alizée or Sailor Moon. Well, here are some pictures about my plans..

Onto my back:
Alizée - Sailor Moon

Or maybe onto my leg:

I still don't know what to choose...


  1. Sagittarius's Avatar
    1,2 drawings are really beautiful, sweet and awesome. I could not advise you what to choose because everyone I like. I would choose one of the back tattoo. How big do you want back tattoo? For me it would be very difficult choice. Both picture are great and Alizee looks nice but Usagi also looks great(Yes I remeber this anime ). You have a great talent. You just found a good tattoo artist because plans are awesome. If I do any tattoo I will do tattoo of Alizee or Dragonball or Saint Seiya.
  2. Melle Katherine's Avatar
    I would like it to be the same size like Alizée's Tinkerbell, maybe a bit smaller.
    I forgot to attach, but I would like one tattoo onto my arm too... This quote: "Les contes de fées sont faits pour etre défaits" And maybe her A logo under this, or somewhere else. I don't know yet. Actually I'd like to live in France, and if I were there I would find Tin Tin for example... Here in Hungary there are also great tattoo artist but I can't really trust them And they work for a lot of money so it would be very expensive I think... But abroad it would be cheaper. Otherwise, Hungarian people can't really tolerate inked people... I don't know why.
  3. Matevz91's Avatar
    Oh, I noticed this blog post only today...

    I guess that if I were you, I would choose Alizée - the left one on this picture, I would rather put it on my back as opposed to leg, because I guess you show your legs to other people more often than your back and if people in your country are intolerant towards tattoos...
  4. Sagittarius's Avatar
    Have you decided which picture you choose?