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Melle Katherine

Black and pink

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Well, I made a new cover photo to my Facebook page, which is about my photos, called "Katherine Stillman Photography". Check the image HERE.
My new logo is pink, and these colors reminds me of the Spychédélices DVD. Whatever I do, everything reminds me of Alizée.

Updated 2nd February 2013 at 23:49 by Melle Katherine



  1. docdtv's Avatar
    You write: Whatever I do, everything reminds me of Alizée.

    When I discovered Alizée, I also went through such a phase. To keep my sense of humor about it, I spent a few minutes starting L'Encyclopédie Alizée. It reports that it

    is NOT authorized by the artist Alizée Jacotey, but exists to explain how EVERYTHING in the world is somehow related to her.

    Don't worry. One day, you will recover and become a normal human again. I did. But I can still enjoy Mlle A!