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Iceland in the Spring!

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I am preparing for a trip around Iceland in the Spring. . . . It will be by rental car and I get to go around to see all the great places there are to experience. Aftert that I may take the plane to Belgium and then to SOuthern Italy by train ( the part about Italy/Belgium is simply an afterthought for now, though). I will hopefully have a Canon 5Dmk III by then. . . . . and start my ACC triage-lavoir documentary later! ANyway, the trip top Iceland will be a camping trip along the routes taken by car all around the island. . . and all things considered, I will be taking some heavy duty landscape photos and might bring a 4x5 camera with me (if I can find one. . .otherweise it will be the 5DmkII/III).

Has anybody here been to Iceland!? I would love to read of your experience.