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Merry Christmas to you ALL!!!

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Hey guys, thanks for supporting Alizee and this forum so much!!! I know there is still a lot to do, but since the new vBulletin Suite is finally out, things will progress faster. The Fanpage will hopefully be completely integrated into the new Content Management System by the end of January.

Myself, I will be going to Poland, Warsaw to celebrate NYE and my Birthday.

Merry Christmas to you all!



  1. jesseil20's Avatar
    Thanks, have fun in Poland and make your birthday a nice one.

    Merry Christmas AF!
  2. Orion's Avatar
    Have a great time Ricc. The forum looks great and I see great things for it! Money will be up by end of December for the update. Ciao bello. . .
  3. Riccardo's Avatar
    Thanks mate! Yeah I think the site will be amazing since its so much easier that everyone can contribute now without the hassle of logging in and dealing with another content management system.
  4. Aram's Avatar
    Merry X-Mas ya'll! =) Thanks for all the dedication AF team!
  5. Przemyslav's Avatar

    May the Spirit of Christmas bring you Peace,
    The Gladness of Christmas give you hope
    The Warmth of Christmas grant you Love
  6. Przemyslav's Avatar
    I hope that you will have great time in Poland ^_^
  7. Mr Bond's Avatar
    Merry Christmas congrats on the new and improved AF.
  8. Riccardo's Avatar
    Thanks guys, merry Xmas and a happy new year to you all..