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Life is

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I have to say so. When in August 2008 for the first time I heard Alizée´s song Moi Lolita, it did not arouse any emotion in me. It took many months and I heard the song again. Then a bump. I looked for some information about him, I read all the news and other material which is joined to her, and learned many songs by heart.
I was enchanted. I did not listen any other music, and I not cared about how other people saw me. I did not have any hobbies or other entertainment, but I spent my time editing the pictures of her, by making their own music videos and mixing her songs.
Lilly and the school are the alone hobby and my work.

Well, a week ago I decided to join the forum here. Previously, I went to read the latest stuff here, but now had already been forced to get involved to write yourself. As a new user, I'm practically non-existent when compared with the long-term, and always active users. In any case, I want to be involved in gatherings and other fans among the activities taking place.

And if ever I can meet Alizéen, it would be a dream come true. I say to her maybe a couple of words, which are my opinions of her, and maybe say hello. I do not know. It remains to be seen.

Here was this outpouring of the first time. I'll write later more. Maybe. Or maybe not.