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Spilling thoughts

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Tonight, a moment of ease. My mind set free, calmed in an ecstatic atmosphere. I take this opportunity to share my thoughts, the words written in my dreams and faded in my heart. Lines filled with her face, her name, her smile. An official admiration, a unique dedication. So I reminisce about each memory, and laugh in my own melody, the soft sounds of her voice, the burning sensation that I made the right choice.

Here I am, standing in patience. Waiting for you to brighten my day once more, to lift me past my tragic past. I honor this moment with a glowing passion, I glance into her eyes and feel something uncontrollable. Hours, minutes, seconds they all stop on the same time, months, weeks, days they all stop when you??re mine. My circuit is complete, the shock flowing through my soul. I yearn each moment, grasp each moment like it??s the last.

I feel the heat now, the flame growing stronger. I feel no pain now, the hurt not staying any longer. She??s my one, a route for escape, my only way. I can see it, the beginning of a new me, the end of a long wait. So that??s what it feels like.


  1. Orion's Avatar
    Take this moment of happiness and apply it to your daily life, Dilshad. Avoid negativity, and simply become one with your new outlook on life. Don't ever forget that whatever gives you peace is good, and if you notice something or someone taking you to a negative existence, you are to immediately cut it from your daily life. Embrace what gives you happiness, avoid everything else. Stay true.
  2. Dilshad's Avatar
    yep..thats what im trying to do..thx for the advise!