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  1. Tattoo plans: Alizée and/or Sailor Moon

    I tried to make some draws about my plans.
    I want a tattoo on my back, but I haven't decide yet what I want exactly... Alizée or Sailor Moon. Well, here are some pictures about my plans..

    Onto my back:
    Alizée - Sailor Moon

    Or maybe onto my leg:

  2. Black and pink

    Well, I made a new cover photo to my Facebook page, which is about my photos, called "Katherine Stillman Photography". Check the image HERE.
    My new logo is pink, and these colors reminds me of the Spychédélices DVD. Whatever I do, everything reminds me of Alizée.

    Updated 2nd February 2013 at 23:49 by Melle Katherine

  3. A is for Alizée, K is for Katherine

    I would like a logo like Alizée's on the cover of Psychédélices, but with letter K. I tried to make an own logo and voici...

    Honestly I tried to find the original font but I haven't found it... Maybe can somebody help me ? Would somebody make me a normal K logo?

    Updated 12th January 2013 at 21:17 by Melle Katherine

  4. Et sur son dos, un tatouage

    Since I have seen Alizée on the cover of Inked Magazine I'm sure that I want some tattoos later. But I don't what will these tattoos be.


    Firstly, I want to have a back tattoo, like she also has. But I don't know Tinkerbell, I haven't seen the tale/film/movie in which she parts. So I have 2 choices and I can't decide...

    1: Sailor Moon! Like Tinkerbell, she would sit in her Super S costum - on my back.

    Sailor_Moon_01.jpg ...

    Updated 31st December 2012 at 13:34 by Melle Katherine

  5. My Review of Une Enfant du siècle (English)

    NOTE: This was originally posted 10 May 2010 on my own independent fashion/music blog, "Midnight in a Perfect World" which can be viewed here. For everyone else, read on...

    Another week is upon us, so let's start it off with another edition of « Le lundi musique » !

    Today, I figured I would actually review a recently released album in my collection, Une Enfant ...