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  1. Life is

    I have to say so. When in August 2008 for the first time I heard Alizée´s song Moi Lolita, it did not arouse any emotion in me. It took many months and I heard the song again. Then a bump. I looked for some information about him, I read all the news and other material which is joined to her, and learned many songs by heart.
    I was enchanted. I did not listen any other music, and I not cared about how other people saw me. I did not have any hobbies or other entertainment, but I spent ...
  2. Une Enfant Du Siècle

    My personal view of ??Une Enfant Du Siécle?? from beginning until today.

    When the UEDS was mentioned for the 1st time, it was for me just information. Then came ??strange? pictures on alizée-officiel and then teasers. But still it wasn??t any extra thing for me. But it changed in the day, when you could pre-order UEDS Deluxe Edition? that day was very pretty for me, and for others too, most when we tried to think who will get box with autographed polaroid? however when ...

    Updated 21st November 2011 at 16:34 by Melle Juliette

  3. Ajaccio.. Alizée.. the place of my dreams.

    Some time ago I shared memories from Le Zenith in the Alizée section and now I will share some more from Corsica.

    Sunday June 5th 2005.. my first day on the island.. the most glorius day of my life!

    The events that took place that day can only be described as the stuff of dreams.. because I met Alizée in her hometown less than 500 yards from the hotel I was staying at! It was unforgettable!

    Well I will keep this short, only because I don't know how ...
  4. How can... person change your life.

    Of course Im talking about Alizée... before I found her in 2004, I had "normal" student life... that life was about to going to school, then be at home and making homeworks and on weekend be with family. I never heard much music before, cause I didnt like to hear our radios and we had no internet before y. 2004. Of course life is changing and then came internet to our life... but still nothing change much.

    But one day... ...

    Updated 29th May 2011 at 23:28 by Melle Juliette