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  1. Iceland in the Spring!

    I am preparing for a trip around Iceland in the Spring. . . . It will be by rental car and I get to go around to see all the great places there are to experience. Aftert that I may take the plane to Belgium and then to SOuthern Italy by train ( the part about Italy/Belgium is simply an afterthought for now, though). I will hopefully have a Canon 5Dmk III by then. . . . . and start my ACC triage-lavoir documentary later! ANyway, the trip top Iceland will be a camping trip along the routes taken by ...
  2. UEDS and past present and future . . . again.

    I think that for our next fan meeting, we should stake out all the major corners of Paris, and do a little questionaire of the people on the street: "Have you heard Alizèe's latest album, and if so what do you think of it, and the new Alizèe?" again

    I`ve talked enough about all this but . . . .

    As with all major artists, at one point, they all want to be or remain `megastars,` even Alizèe.

    Her current status cannot be quantified in terms ...
  3. Alizèe: the silent type . . .

    Everything right now . . from Alizèe, to her tweets to her appearances on and off the charts. Well, we just need to hold fast until this gentle storm passes. It`s not a surprise that we have these long silent waits, or that the forum struggles to find a voice amoung all these threads. It`s hard to stand and wait because you want to be immersed into her career, as I found myself with her first 2 albums. Those were the days of no waiting and MUCH media! Now, things are more quiet and it demands more ...

    Updated 8th December 2010 at 15:49 by Orion

  4. Birthday Girl!

    I can't believe that it has been this long for me following her . . . . she is now 26, and it doesn't seem that long ago to me, at all. It is one more reason why this particular birthday is so special. . . it rounds out the sweet 16 and the bittersweet era of her current career. . . . Where will this new "year" take us . . . and her, more to the point!?

    I can't say that I worry too much about her music career: all I ever really cared about was that intangible thing throughout ...
  5. Here's WHY Collines (Never Leave You) will be a HIT. . . .

    The start of the track is mesmerizing. . .it starts silently creeping up to your senses, and then it takes off with a strong beautiful beat. The track also has English and French lyrics . . . . what does that mean!? Hold on a sec! Because I also want to mention the fact that it is the kind of track that can EASILY be picked up in clubs!!! Remember ML!?!?! Now let's go back to the French and English lyrics thingy . . .

    Pairing ^that with the sound and the catchy lyrics, and her soft ...

    Updated 17th February 2010 at 03:42 by Orion

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